The Samson Xfile

Paperback, 172 pages

The author brings to life the missing link in the Samson story that has led Christians to misinterpret its true meaning and God’s purpose. You will be surprised to discover the image of Jesus in Samson and how much his experience mirrors your life.


His father and mother did not know that this was from the Lord; for he was seeking a pretext to act against the Philistines” – Judges 14:4, NRSV.

It is most alarming that this ignorance was not only the misfortune of Samson’s parents and his people, Israel, but it is also reflected in the Christian tradition. This tradition has perpetuated an incorrect view of this hero of faith by failing to consider the gracious outworking of God’s peculiar providence and sovereign will.

Truly, Dr Roy has written an unconventional masterpiece, filled with surprising truth packages that prompt faith and bring fresh hope to life. In this volume, he takes you into a very intriguing journey through the window of this X-file (Judges 14:4), to unveil the wonderful workings of God’s mysterious purpose in the life of his childhood hero, Samson.

You will be greatly amazed, as he was, when you come face to face with yourself in the life of Samson. There you will discover that God’s guiding providence is able to work out all situations in your life as you place your faith and confidence in His gracious mercy and boundless love.

This is certainly a ground-breaking, inspirational work!


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