The Real Life Matrix Series



The Real Life Matrix Series is a set of 13 powerful sermons designed to enrich and transform the spiritual experience of any believer. These messages explore and explain what it really means to be “born again” with God’s own life, and how living from that platform brings the believer in touch with divinity and the power to live a limitless, victorious life in Christ. Listed below are the topics covered in this magnificent series:

  • Matrix Precursor – God’s Purpose-Driven Life
  • Matrix, The Reality – More Than A Movie
  • Matrix, The 1st Generation When Life Meant Really Living
  • Matrix Intercept – Why Is My Life the Way It Is.
  • Matrix Coverup – A World of Fake News
  • Matrix Seduction – Voluntary Oppression
  • Matrix Reloaded – The Destruction of SIN
  • Matrix, The Last Generation – A Brand New Life Guaranteed
  • Matrix Connections – How To Live From God’s Dimension
  • Matrix Engagement – How to Win Against ALL Odds in A Crazy World
  • Matrix Reflection – What Yuh See Is What Yuh Get
  • Matrix Forever – Real Life With Endless Potential
  • Matrix Revolution – Go Light Your World!

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