Imitating God Study Guide


Paperback, 130 pages

This study guide gives a step-by-step understanding into how a believer could connect with and live from the life of God already at work through the image of Christ in his inner spirit-man. This is a needed tool for all who are committed to appending and living the victorious life of Jesus.



Imitating God is not only possible, but it is also guaranteed. This book will make available to you the key to your true identity, and will show you, in very simple steps, how to unleash the power of God’s life from within you.

You will learn how to:

  • Hear from God
  • See like God
  • Speak like God
  • Walk like God

This is an absolute life-changer, keepsake and sacred treasure to pass on to all future generations. You owe it to yourself to achieve God’s ideal for your life. This precious gem definitely teaches you how.


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