Born Again


Paperback, 200 pages

This is the simplest, yet most remarkable book you will ever read on the born-again experience. Learn how to connect with the victorious, incorruptible seed of Jesus’ life within you and how to live the life God chose for you from the foundation of the world.


Born-again life is not an upgrade or a transformation of our life in Adam, but a total replacement of it. This life, though expressed through our physical humanity, has not a thread of humanity in it. It is absolutely incorruptible and totally divine, because it originated directly from the incorruptible God.


Many born-again Christians are failing in their walk with God because, unknowingly, they are disconnected from the very life they received from Him, while attempting to do the impossible—desperately trying to make their life in Adam live for Christ. However, born-again life is not about me trying living for Christ, but totally about Christ living as me, and me surrendering to the reality of His presence and work in, and through, me.


Born Again is designed to show believers—new and old—how to recognize and connect with the incorruptible, victorious life of Jesus within them; and how to successfully integrate and reflect the power of that life in all their daily interactions and affairs. This priceless, literary gem holds a lot of pleasant surprises for you. It is guaranteed to challenge your current understanding of yourself, and produce a positive, permanent change in your life. God gave you the inalienable right to become His child, through Jesus Christ, and you deserve to enjoy the full measure of that life NOW! This book will show you how.


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