A Challenge to the Remnant


Paperback, 282 pages

If you are a true disciple of Jesus and have a compelling desire to reach others with His life and love, this book is packed with ideas to help you get the job done.

“Books describing the Remnant, its place in prophecy and role in the last days, are not unfamiliar on the Adventist scene; however this study is one with a difference. It is a long needed bridge-building work that connects the Adventist self-understanding and message with the task of the Church in the contemporary world. The book reads easily, but is provocative and bolder than most . . .” – Dr. Russell Staples, former Professor of World Mission, Andrews University Theological Seminary, Berrien Springs, MI, USA.


A Challenge to The Remnant will provoke you to take a serious look at how your predispositions have negatively affected the way you choose to share your faith with an unbeliever; and will equip you with more reliable approaches to gain much better outcomes.

  • How has the Adventist Mind-set restricted our ability to engage the real world with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Are we ready for what God, through His Spirit, is about to do for lost humanity?
  • Is there a mission beyond Adventism for God’s remnant?

Ruthven Roy answers these very important questions, and many others, in this very informative volume. Among other things, he presents three very powerful concepts that have the potential to ignite and transform the mission practice of the people of God into a prevailing, unstoppable force in our present, God-denying world.

  • The Strategic Mission/Ministry Planning Process is a very useful tool to guide the local church or larger organization in achieving its mission and ministry objectives and goals.
  • Mission/Ministry from Outside In (instead of Inside Out) provokes church practitioners to suspend internal perceptions, preoccupations and prejudices, and initiate mission/ministry operations that are driven by the spiritual, social and material needs of their targeted audience and not predominantly by those of the church organization.
  • Network Discipling is a revolutionary distribution idea for exponentially multiplying fruit-bearing disciples throughout the believing community.

Although this book addresses mission and ministry challenges form an Adventist worldview, the above concepts are adaptable to any believer or Christian organization that is in earnest in reaching lost humanity for the Kingdom of God.


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